Month: March 2021

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Sebastien Leblond

Coaching explained For The Future Coach

In 2019, one of the researches said that coaching business is one of the most blooming businesses. Reason being, I believe, it is an important skill to have in today’s world if you want to be at the top of your game. In the past, top down order was the norm in the company but

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Sebastien Leblond

How to make a fortune with Coaching?

3 Steps To Master Coaching If you are reading this article, it means you have an interest to become a professional coach. Am I right to say that? You have made up your mind to follow your passion, to do things that is meaningful to your life, to have a lifestyle of your dream(s) and

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Sebastien Leblond

Remove Negative Emotion

Tips, Tricks and Tools every leader needs to know. Peace and happiness are an ideal state that we want to be in. Unfortunately, according to many researches, humans tend to attach easily to negative emotions rather than positive ones.            In the previous article, we were talking about steps to take control of our own