Coaching explained For The Future Coach

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In 2019, one of the researches said that coaching business is one of the most blooming businesses. Reason being, I believe, it is an important skill to have in today’s world if you want to be at the top of your game.

In the past, top down order was the norm in the company but now, the new trend in the company is to have the management learn coaching skill and apply that skill with the team for the growth of the organisation.

How does coaching improve company productivity?

Coaching skill will unleash the full potential of the leader and also the maximum ability of the team members.

How can you use coaching skills in your role?

The first value you will get while practicing coaching skills with yourself and others is to be able to manage tasks better. Coaching will open the door for self-development, self-awareness and give more clarity to everything you do.

You will realize what has been stopping you from moving forward, from realizing your opportunities and from being able to find out strategies to reach your goals.

But there are many training schools out there and how do you know which one fits you right? So, here are few things I would like to share.

Few tips to help you choose the right training school.

  1. Ask, ‘Does the trainer have any experience in individual coaching and is currently practicing it? Or is he or she just into training?

That would make a lot of difference in training quality. If the coach is still using all the tools, he or she is, highly likely, going to teach them to you too. Real experience would help clarify all your doubts and queries, don’t you think so?

2. Find a training school that creates results and not just provides certification.

Read about their successful experience with clients. Look for trustworthy testimonials on their website, YouTube, etc. In this day and age of technology, it is easy to find out what the person has achieved so far.

3. Differentiate between the type of coaching you are looking for and what the training school can provide for you to maximize the value of your investment.

There are many types of coaching tools, for example, NLP coaching, Enneagram coaching, consulting and so on. Look for the strong points of that school. Learning from the Master of each coaching technique would be ideal, don’t you agree?

4. Try …. give a chance to yourself to experience the trainer. Be it in a trial coaching session or just on a call. You need to know whether the trainer’s style matches your way of learning and liking or not. Have a chat with the trainer and observe the way he or she communicates.

Your gut feeling will tell you whether he or she is the right trainer for you. Your inner intelligence, most of the time, is right, so follow it.