How to make a fortune with Coaching?

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3 Steps To Master Coaching

If you are reading this article, it means you have an interest to become a professional coach.

Am I right to say that?

You have made up your mind to follow your passion, to do things that is meaningful to your life, to have a lifestyle of your dream(s) and most importantly that ‘thing’ could also pay your bill. However, there is one classic problem that new coaches face.

Which is…

Where and how to start?

Does this look and sound familiar to you?

Don’t waste your precious time!

 Follow the steps below to achieve your goal.

Step 1: Modelling

The key to this is to find a model of excellence that you would like to replicate. The idea is to find a specific behavior, ability or skill of that model. 

I am not saying that you merely ‘copy’ someone but find the thinking strategies that the individual displays.

Start with observing the model and get involved fully. Imagine yourself in that person’s shoes. The focus is on:

‘What’ the person does? – behavior and physiology,

‘How’ the person does it? – internal thinking strategies,

‘Why’ the person it – the reason to support their values and beliefs.

Step  2: Repetition

There is an old saying in Latin;

‘Repetitio mater studio rum’

or Repetition is the mother of all learning.

Want to be a good writer? Well, how often do you write your articles?

Want to be an extraordinary public speaker? How many times have you been on the stage?

Want to be a great listener? How often do you practice compassionate listening?

Want to be an excellent coach? How many hours have you put in coaching?

  • Are you in the 10 Reps club? Just logged your first 10 articles of writing, your first 10 hours at public speaking, your first 10 hours of listening attentively. Your skill might just be sloppy.
  • Are you in the 100 Reps club? Just completed your 100 hours of compassionate listening, had your 100 hours on the stage or 100 articles published. Your skill might just be fair.
  • Are you in the 1,000 Reps club? Have 1,000 hours of coaching, have 1,000 blog post published. Your skills are probably good.
  • Are you in the 10,000 Reps club? Have 10,000 blog post published, had your 10,000 hours of empathetic listening, 10,000 hours of coaching. Your skills are probably excellent.       

Step 3: Total immersion

Being completely involved in a skill and/or doing nothing else but practicing that skill is a sure shot way of improving that skill.

If you have learned a second language before, you would know that the fastest way to be fluent in that language is by surrounding yourself with that language and be in the environment completely.

Now that you have decided to become an excellent coach, ask yourself these questions. Have you found your Model? Have you set yourself up for repetition? Have you put yourself in the environment that will make you be excellent at what you do?

The Power Is In Your Hand!