Neuro-linguistic Programming

Sebastian Leblond working with students in an NLP certification training program.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) can provide users with countless benefits ranging from an improved outlook on life to more clarity over your goals and vision. But what is NLP?

At its core, NLP is a great method to change undesirable personal states and attain better outcomes. Here’s how that’s done.

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    What Is Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

    Students working through information in the neuro-linguistic programming course material during a training session.

    To understand Neuro-Linguistic Programming, it’s best to start with its history and what it is used for.

    History of NLP

    In the 1970s, Richard Bandler, a psychologist, and John Grinder, a linguist, collaborated in creating the Neuro-Linguistic Programming approach. The basic idea was to study highly successful people’s behavioral and linguistic patterns, then model them and apply them to anyone seeking excellence.

    The scope of their work included improving self-esteem, communication, effective learning, managing stressful situations, and having overall fulfillment in life. NLP then moved further to treating various psychological conditions like PTSD, generalized anxiety disorders, phobias, and depression.

    What Is NLP Used for?

    NLP is a flexible method that can be applied in many different ways. The three broad fields where NLP is used are personal development, enhancing business performance, and alleviating some psychological issues.

    The techniques of NLP can be quite helpful in changing unfavorable personal or emotional states. Also, the same methods can be used for attaining desirable results or goals.

    Examples of NLP

    There are numerous examples where NLP can improve a person’s life or enhance an organization’s performance.

    Among the most popular applications of NLP are the following. 

    • Communicating effectively and having a positive influence on others. 
    • Maintaining a healthy weight and losing any undesirable dietary habits.
    • Quitting smoking, drinking, emotional eating, or binge-watching TV series.
    • Becoming more productive and reversing a life of constant procrastination.
    • Learning how to speak to a group and win their hearts. 
    • Asking a special person out on a date without feeling self-conscious. 
    • Boosting a company’s sales by modeling the actions of the best salespeople. 
    • Getting over a horrible memory that keeps repeating in nightmares and panic attacks. 
    • Creating wealth and career success for all the right reasons. 

    These worthy goals are all attainable. And we’re pretty sure that at least one of them would motivate you to learn more about NLP.

    Who Can Benefit From Neuro-Linguistic Programming?

    NLP instructor working with a table of students during a training program.

    Pretty much everyone can benefit from NLP. That’s because Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques can be applied just as effectively to organizations as they would to individuals. As long as the main objective is becoming better, then NLP should be considered a practical option.

    Who Uses NLP?

    In today’s world, everything is far more complicated than in the preceding decades. It’s not a big surprise then to see people trying to overcome intense personal issues holding them back or seeking excellence in what they do.

    Similarly, organizations have to work towards optimizing their employees’ performance continuously. They have to stay competitive, create an innovative new culture, or even bounce back from an economic blow.

    NLP is quite helpful in all these endeavors.

    What Benefits Can You Get From NLP?

    There are numerous ways that people and organizations benefit from NLP. The most common are the following. 

    • Learning new skills quickly and effectively. 
    • Communicating ideas to large groups. 
    • Controlling inner emotions. 
    • Becoming more productive and creative. 
    • Stepping into leadership with confidence.
    • Overcoming phobias. 
    • Dealing with anxiety and depression. 
    • Pursuing affluence and prosperity. 

    How Can You Learn More About NLP?

    Learning more about Neuro-Linguistic Programming isn’t difficult at all. You can learn about benefiting from NLP through online material, a friend’s personal experience with an NLP coach, or directly from a specialized center offering NLP training.

    However, working with a reputable NLP training center such as NLP Top Coach is recommended. Just reading about NLP, or gaining a second-hand experience through a friend, wouldn’t yield full benefits.

    NLP is typically a personalized experience that works through establishing a solid relationship between a coach and the person wishing to benefit from NLP. The proper technique is selected based on the person’s character, background, life experiences, and expectations.

    There are also collective workshops that instruct individuals on how to use some NLP techniques to improve their lives and achieve their goals.

    Neuro-Linguistic Programming Training

    Sebastian Leblond teaching a neuro-linguistic programming technique to a room full of students.

    While it is possible to learn NLP on your own, being trained by an experienced NLP trainer helps you learn and implement NLP techniques faster and more effectively.

    What is NLP Training?

    Neuro-Linguistic Programming is an immersive experience that’s best done directly. Physical training onsite or virtual workshops are the best ways to acquire helpful knowledge about NLP.

    A personalized session with an NLP coach can also contribute significantly to how effectively you can apply the techniques and achieve your goals successfully.

    What Types of NLP Training Are There?

    There are two basic types of NLP training:

    1. Personal training to gain specific skills or overcome limiting issues.
    2. Training to become an NLP trainer or coach.

    Whether you aim to become an informed NLP practitioner or coach, both types are available in physical settings and live virtual sessions.

    Of course, it would be better to attend an in-person training course. However, geographic, financial, and scheduling problems can come in the way of in-person attendance. Thus, virtual courses are a great alternative.

    There are also personalized training courses and one-on-one sessions tailored to your schedule. This should provide maximum flexibility, as you can fit it within the busiest lifestyle.

    What Is Typically Covered in NLP Training?

    NLP is typically a series of general sessions, lectures, hands-on workshops, personalized one-on-one coaching sit-downs, and many practical activities. 

    For example, this is what a day in NLP training might look like: 

    1. Meeting the NLP coach (or coaches)
    2. An introductory session explaining what exactly is NLP
    3. Understanding the five big limitations or obstacles you need to overcome
    4. An incantation to reach a peak performance state instantly 
    5. Understanding sensory experiences and the internal narrative 
    6. Setting goals that are worthy of achievement
    7. Exploring NLP theories and techniques
    8. Fun activities to create rapport and apply the discussed techniques
    9. A wrap-up for the day 

    Completing NLP training is a remarkable feat in and of itself. However, in addition to the powerful skills you learn, you also get to receive a certification signifying a significant career milestone.  Here are the stages of certification:

    1. NLP Practitioner
    2. NLP Master Practitioner
    3. NLP Trainer
    4. NLP Master Trainer

    The most widely recognized NLP certifications are accredited by the American Board of NLP (ABNLP). Whether you are planning to learn NLP to improve your personal or professional life, or are considering gaining NLP qualifications for your coaching or training career, you must first earn your NLP Practitioner certification. This equips you with the fundamental NLP concepts and techniques that you can apply in your daily life. Many people continue onwards to become Certified NLP Master Practitioners, enabling them to learn and apply NLP at an advanced level. This is an excellent skill set to have for personal application as well as for aspiring or experienced coaches. 

    If you are considering a career in training or are already an experienced trainer, then becoming a Certified NLP Trainer broadens your toolkit as a trainer and enables you to certify others as NLP Practitioners.

    NLP Practitioner Certification Training Schedule

    NLP Practitioner 4-in-1 Certification4-9 Apr 2023Hanoi, VietnamLive + VirtualMore InfoChat Now
    NLP Practitioner 4-in-1 Certification13-18 May 2023Bangkok, ThailandLive + VirtualMore InfoChat Now
    NLP Practitioner 4-in-1 Certification26-31 Jul 2023Hanoi, VietnamLive + VirtualMore InfoChat Now
    NLP Practitioner 4-in-1 Certification24-29 Sep 2023Bangkok, ThailandLive + VirtualMore InfoChat Now
    NLP Practitioner 4-in-1 Certification05-10 Nov 2023Hanoi, VietnamLive + VirtualMore InfoChat Now

    NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training Schedule

    NLP Master Practitioner 4-in-1 Certification23-31 May 2023Hanoi, VietnamLive + VirtualMore InfoChat Now
    NLP Master Practitioner 4-in-1 Certification24 Oct - 01 Nov 2023Bangkok, ThailandLive + VirtualMore InfoChat Now
    NLP Master Practitioner 4-in-1 Certification14-22 Nov 2023Hanoi, VietnamLive + VirtualMore InfoChat Now

    NLP Train the Trainer Certification Training Schedule

    NLP Train the Trainer Certification25 Nov - 12 Dec , 2023Hanoi, VietnamLive + VirtualMore InfoChat Now

    NLP Master Trainer Certification Training Schedule

    NLP Master TrainerContact Us For More InfoChat Now

    NLP Certification Cost: What Goes Into Pricing a Course?

    Sebastian Leblond speaking to a room full of students teaching neuro-linguistic programming.

    NLP training is among the best things you can do for your future success and happiness. It’s also a valuable tool in leading small or large groups. Many participants in NLP training discover better ways to communicate.

    They can even inspire their families, friends, teams, and subordinates to reach their full potential.

    After the training, there’s often an exam, which is the best form of feedback you can get. After passing the final exam and personalized session, you can obtain a certificate. Practitioners, coaches, and trainers often find this certification quite valuable in their careers.

    What Is the Range for NLP Training Cost?

    There are many providers of NLP training courses, whether that is online, on-premise, or specially arranged in other locations.

    The prices depend on the degree of engagement with the NLP coach, the seniority of the coach in that field, the material covered in that training, and how much of it is hands-on. Extra costs come from one-on-one sessions with the coach, the availability of refreshments, and the number of group activities.

    Additionally, booking a luxurious location for a long training can also incur extra costs. This is an option that many organizations choose, as it doubles as both an educational experience and a bonus vacation.

    This makes the range of NLP training costs quite broad. It could go from $50 for an introductory online course with minimal support and guidance to upwards of $4000 for interactive training courses held by renowned NLP experts like Sebastien Leblond.


    What Impacts How Much an NLP Certification Will Cost?

    NLP certification is a valuable document recognized in many business settings. A basic package of a practitioner’s course, a final assessment, and the certificate could cost around $1000.

    Some NLP training centers offer more value by providing extensive NLP practitioner training, personalized sessions, and NLP coach training. This would grant the participants more advanced certificates. The cost to reach more than $3000.

    Why is Working With an Experienced Trainer Important?

    An experienced trainer is often a much better choice than someone just starting. The hands-on experience makes up an integral part of NLP proficiency. Just like a psychologist, the more people NLP trainers work with, the sharper their instincts and insights would be.

    Are You Ready To Become NLP Certified?

    The best part about Neural Linguistic Programming is that you get clear results, and you get them quickly. The highly effective techniques of NLP can improve your skills, self-confidence, and social standing in a short time.

    You can also gain more control over your inner thoughts, feelings, reactions, and even problematic psychological issues. This mental toughness, a better understanding of yourself, and newly found balance are essential for your happiness.

    The tools and techniques used in NLP are based on the idea that all your lived experiences are tied up to sensory and linguistic cues. Changing these cues is bound to change your mindset and affinity toward life. Better narratives are bound to lead to better outcomes.

    These basic sensory and linguistic new narratives are modeled after the personal experiences of the best performers in every field. Mirroring these premises is a perfect way to attain excellence and prosperity.

    Sebastien Leblond

    Sebastien Leblond

    Sebastien Leblond is the Founder of NLP Top Coach, a leading NLP Coaching and Leadership Development Company. He is among an exclusive group of American Board of NLP Certified NLP Master Trainers in the world. More than 40,000 individuals across 30+ countries have been trained and certified by Sebastien to become world-class coaches and trainers. Sebastien is originally from Québec, Canada, and now lives in Bangkok, Thailand with his wife and children.

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